Jan 05

Low-Cost GPS Options for Google Earth and Laptop PC’s

In a companion article, we reviewed 4 software options for turning Google Earth into a powerful moving map application using realtime GPS tracking. If you don’t own a GPS with compatible serial or USB interfaces, Garmin has two low-cost options that work not only with Google Earth, but also with most other PC-based mapping programs. Continue reading

Aug 26

Waterproof Cameras – Taking the worry out of capturing boating memories

IMG_3714.jpgWhether alone or in a crowd, boating can be one of the most memorable outdoor activities. Mix in great scenery and you have a wonderful recipe for beatiful photography. Unfortunately, carrying a camera on a boat (even a larger one) is always fraught with danger. Besides the ever present opportunity to loose a camera overboard, the marine environment is filled with spray, sand, and wet surfaces. All of these can drastically reduce the service life of film and digital cameras. Continue reading

Jul 06

Maiden Voyage of our new Hi-Tech Marine Trailer

IMG_3553.jpgWe hauled out our Regal 2760 for the 1st time on our new Hi-Tech Marine aluminum trailer. The day was as uneventfull as we could expect for handling such a large boat at the ramp and around town.

We considered most of the major trailer makers – ez-loader, loadmaster, shorelander, and others before settling on the Hi-Tech brand. Most of the brands had a trailer suitable for our needs, but the Hi-Tech had the best set of features vs. price and had the advantage of being produced in nearby Panama City.

Read on for full details and more pictures:

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