Aug 02

Inflatable Kayak Review

seaeagle330_13.jpgThis spring my dad purchased a Sea Eagle SE 330 inflatable kayak from to use on local lakes and rivers and carry in our Zenair CH-701 seaplane during longer camping trips. He chose the SE 330 based on its quality construction (it is a real boat, not a toy like department store inflatables), weight (26lbs for the boat, about 40lbs for the entire kit), size (everything fits in the optional storage duffel bag), cost, and reliability of the Sea Eagle brand name. For dad, the ultimate test came during a mute swan attack while paddling the local lake. He was able to verify that the SE 330 is capable of carrying 1 adult and a very angry mature swam – at least temporarily – without capsizing.

Last week, my wife and I got to test the SE 330 ourselves while vacationing in Ohio. Read on for detailed photos and discussion.

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