Jun 17

Weekend Cruising on Choctawhatchee Bay

Great weather prevailed this weekend as we explored east into Choctawhatchee Bay to Hogtown Bayou and then relaxed at Crab Island on the return to Fort Walton Beach. Besides stretching the legs on our Regal 2760, we were also collecting up a host of a new waterway photos to use with our EarthNC Marine Charts for Google Earth.

May 10

Cruising the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway – Fort Walton Beach to Pensacola

Last weekend, we got a chance to make our 1st ‘distance’ overnight trip of the 2007 boating season in our Regal 2760 ‘Southern Comfort’. South winds made for calm water in the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway as we cruised west to Little Sabine Bay in Pensacola Beach. Our boating weekend would include camping out with friends Travis and John and their family members Friday night, followed by a beach-side church shrimp boil on Saturday.
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Dec 17

Winter Boating – a Short Trip Report from Destin

We’ve had a slow few months of boating with windy weather and holiday activities, but this weekend we got a respite from both. Calm winds since Thursday provided flat seas for a night in Destin Pass and morning cruising the gulf and bay. We didn’t have much luck with the fishing, but the scenery was unbeatable. With 5 adults, and 4 children aboard, we also set a new overnighting record for our Regal 2760 and achieved a top speed of 41.6mph on the GPS with a full load of water, fuel, and supplies.

Merry Christmas!

Sep 05

“Highroller” Poker Run Tragedy in Oklahoma – 5 Killed when Boats Collide

UPDATE: Considerable information, links, and commentary has been posted on the BoaterEd.com Forums.

CNN is reporting the tragic death of 5 people when 2 boats collided during the “Highroller” Poker Run at Lake Texoma on the Texas, Oklahoma boarder this weekend. From intitial reports, it would appear that one of the boats broadsided with the other at high speed killing 4 occupants of 1 boat and 1 of the 2 occupants of the other. Continue reading

Aug 26

Death after Oriskany Dive not Diving Related

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and family of Chester “Chet” Robinson who suffered cardiac arrest shortly after reboarding his boat following a dive on the USS Oriskany last Saturday. The general consensus is that his passing was not directly related to the dive itself, but stemmed from pre-existing heart conditions. I happened to be monitoring channel 16 on our Regal during a break from photographing the Emerald Coast Poker Run and heard the land side of the Coast Guard response. Hearing the exchange made me think about handling on-water medical emergencies – especially one that might incapacitate the primary “captain”.
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Aug 13

Overhauling a Mercuiser Bravo III Raw Water Pump – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Even with the best preventative care, boat motors are notoriously subject to failure. For the typical inboard/outboard, the raw-water impeller is one of the #1 wear items and sooner or later you’ll have one go while out on the water. If you’re lucky, you’ll have 2 motors so you can get back home on the “spare” – otherwise you can plan on a tow. Once you’ve got the boat in a position to do some work, this is a fairly simple fix that can save you a lot of labor cost vs hiring a mechanic. Read on for some of our lessons learned and tips to make your water pump overhaul go smoothly.

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