Sep 16

Undwater Dive Video of Old Destin Bridge on YouTube

YouTube user “DestinDiver” posted a short video of a dive on one of the Destin offshore rubble piltes. DestinDiver reports this was the old Destin Bridge rubble. Based on our Google Earth divesites map, the bridge rubble is located at 30.34717N, 86.49483W in roughly 70 feet of water which contradicts the claim of being 7 miles offshore. It is possible this is actually the “Okaloosa Pier Rubble” located at 30.32642N, 86.60323W which is 7 miles outside of the pass and would look similar. In either case, it’s a nice video of our green waters.
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Aug 26

Death after Oriskany Dive not Diving Related

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and family of Chester “Chet” Robinson who suffered cardiac arrest shortly after reboarding his boat following a dive on the USS Oriskany last Saturday. The general consensus is that his passing was not directly related to the dive itself, but stemmed from pre-existing heart conditions. I happened to be monitoring channel 16 on our Regal during a break from photographing the Emerald Coast Poker Run and heard the land side of the Coast Guard response. Hearing the exchange made me think about handling on-water medical emergencies – especially one that might incapacitate the primary “captain”.
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May 30

Destin Intake

IMG_5126.jpgThe Destin Intake offers a simple dive in shallow, clear water. The intake is guarded by a concrete cage which attracks a wide variety of sea life. Average depth is about 16ft.

The site is marked with a buoy (currently about 50m south of the true location and the intake is visible from the surface during clear water conditions.