Oct 16

Monster 844lb Mako Shark Caught in the Destin Fishing Rodeo on Sunday

Nothing like a 844lb Shark to make your day when fishing. This has been a banner year for large sharks along the Emerald Coast. The story has been picked up by the national media.

Quoting the Kansas City Star:

Bruner and his fishing buddies were on a 52-foot charter boat with Capt. Robert Hill, about 70 miles southwest of this beach city in the Florida Panhandle.

The fishermen first noticed the big mako because it kept eating grouper and scamp they had hooked.

“It was like ‘Jaws,’” Hill said.

Hill hooked a two-foot amberine on as bait and tossed it out. The shark eventually hit it.

After the long fight, the shark was gaffed and eventually gave up after its tail was roped. But even then, the men could not get the big shark in the boat. They tied it to the stern with three ropes and made the four-hour trip back to land.

Be sure to link through to the article for more pictures.

Apr 29

And We Tought Florida Sharkfishing was Easy!

Why bother with a boat, cut bait, and chum when you can catch sharks from your balcony with a pork chop? Anglers in Australia’s “Gold Coast” region of southeast Queensland (central east coast of Australia) can bull shark fish from home along hundreds of miles of brackish canals. This quote from the UK Telegraph on shark fishing along the canals of Australia’s Gold Coast says it all: Continue reading

Sep 23

A Strange Encore to the Destin Deep-Water Shark Tournament – Taking a Lie-Detector Test to Prove You’ve Won

shark_tournament2.jpgCherie Mills took top honors in the Lady Angler category in the 2006 Destin Deep-Water Shark tournament, but it took more than landing a 480lb Tiger Shark to do it.

A challenge by second place finisher Virginia Lipscomb over allowable assistance by Mills’ crew invoked a rather interesting clause in the tournament rules – resolution via polygraph.

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Sep 22

Another in-the-bay Bull Shark, this one just off Cinco Bayou in Fort Walton Beach

Shark011From an e-mail forward at work today, we learned about a 6′ bull shark caught near Cinco Bayou Bridge, in Fort Walton Beach on the 10th of September. Least anyone have misconceptions, this is not uncommon. Bull sharks are the most common shark in our area – and also the type of shark most adapted to brackish and even fresh water. Bull sharks have been found as far north as St Loius, Missouri on the Mississippi river and caught quite often in the bay, bayous, and intercoastal waterway around Destin. We are not aware of any inshore human attacks in this area.

Quoting from the e-mail: Continue reading

Aug 15

Shark Attack in South Africa Leaves Lifeguard without Foot

As reported in the South African press, a lifeguard participating in a near-shore training exercise was attacked within 200 meters of the beach. The attack occured in calm seas, clear water, and at 11:00 local time. Fortunately, he was pulled into the boat quickly and the other lifeguards administered timely 1st aid as they got him to shore and the hospital. From the article:

Once Taariq had been hauled into the boat it headed for Achmat, but he disappeared beneath the water. Seeing a dark patch, Taariq reached in to grab his brother, not knowing if the shark would bite him.

Achmat was pulled into the boat, his leg “dripping with blood” but instead of swimming away, “the shark actually turned around and came for us again,” said Taariq.

“It actually knocked the boat quite hard, but there were five of us in the boat so it couldn’t knock it over.”

Jul 01

Likely World Record Hammerhead Caught off Boca Grande

As reported in at Saltwatersportsman.com a likely world record hammerhead was near Boca Grande, Florida about 12 miles offshore. Weighing in at 1280lbs and a whopping 14 1/2 feet long this was quite a fish. It’s unfortunate that we still haven’t found a way to catch and release potential record breakers.

Update as of 1 Jul 06 – according to CNN, it turns out the fish was pregnant and nearly full term with 56 “pups” greatly adding to the weight.

Jun 30

Nice article on a Mako tournament in Maryland on Marinernetwork.net

Found a great article on a recent Mako tournament at Marinernetwork.net. They hooked up a large Tiger shark during the 3-day event, and quite a few smaller fish.

An excerpt:”Unfortuantely for us (yet fortunate for the shark), the OC Shark Tournament is organized as a conservation tournament and Tiger sharks are off limits for weigh in. We were now fishing for release points. After having the bimini twist enter and subsequently exit the roller guides 30 or 40 times more times, we got the feeling we may have been fishing with light tackle and we definately “needed a bigger boat”. We finally got our release and our picture (with the angler, the boat number arm band, and the shark all in one frame – don’t asked me how we accomplished it). The fight took 2 hrs and 41 min and we estimated the fish at 15ft long and 800+lbs. “