Aug 15

Shark Attack in South Africa Leaves Lifeguard without Foot

As reported in the South African press, a lifeguard participating in a near-shore training exercise was attacked within 200 meters of the beach. The attack occured in calm seas, clear water, and at 11:00 local time. Fortunately, he was pulled into the boat quickly and the other lifeguards administered timely 1st aid as they got him to shore and the hospital. From the article:

Once Taariq had been hauled into the boat it headed for Achmat, but he disappeared beneath the water. Seeing a dark patch, Taariq reached in to grab his brother, not knowing if the shark would bite him.

Achmat was pulled into the boat, his leg “dripping with blood” but instead of swimming away, “the shark actually turned around and came for us again,” said Taariq.

“It actually knocked the boat quite hard, but there were five of us in the boat so it couldn’t knock it over.”