Another in-the-bay Bull Shark, this one just off Cinco Bayou in Fort Walton Beach

Shark011From an e-mail forward at work today, we learned about a 6′ bull shark caught near Cinco Bayou Bridge, in Fort Walton Beach on the 10th of September. Least anyone have misconceptions, this is not uncommon. Bull sharks are the most common shark in our area – and also the type of shark most adapted to brackish and even fresh water. Bull sharks have been found as far north as St Loius, Missouri on the Mississippi river and caught quite often in the bay, bayous, and intercoastal waterway around Destin. We are not aware of any inshore human attacks in this area.

Quoting from the e-mail:

Residents on Beachview Drive (near Cinco Bayou Bridge) had observed a bull shark meander past their docks several times recently. The shark also hit a 3 foot tarpon being reeled in along the shore, tearing the tarpon in half.

This past Saturday night, 11:00pm, the Beachview guys got the shark. They said it took ~ 1 hour to land him. Said to be ~6 feet long.

There is a public boat ramp and a public swimming area located a few hundred yards on either side of where the shark was landed. This area is just across from the FWB Yacht Club.


Judging by the pictures, this is an average sized bull shark for an inshore catch. Very similar in size to Austin’s shark we caught and released near Port St Joe last year around this time. We hope the catch was put to good use since it was not released.

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