Wooden Sailboat “Hagar” – Local Classic Since 1982

hagar-01.jpgSailboat “Hagar” is a common sight on Santa Rosa Sound, often moored in front of the Fort Walton Landing. While out-and-about on Memorial Day, I had the opportunity to visit with her Captain and Owner Ray Hackney and tour this interesting vessel.

Hagar’s namesake is the affiable viking of comic book fame. She was constructed by hand by local home builder Jim Forsman. According to Ray, this was Jim’s 3rd handmade sailboat and was built in approximately 2 years in Shalimar. The Hagar is a full keel boat with 5ft draft and has a 23hp Volvo Diesel for auxilliary power.


From the starboard profile, we can see the various wooden elements of construction, including teek decks, mast, cabin, and toe-rail.


Hagar was built with fine attention to detail and many difficult elements – such as the curved aft rail.


Below decks, she offers most of the ammenities of home with forward v-berth, head to port, large main salon and kitchen. The boat is well lit by large glass portholes and windows throughout. Note in the picture below that the mast extends directly into the keel for great strength.

A Storied History
Hagar was berthed at the Fort Walton Yacht club for a significant portion of her life and participated in local races, boy scout outings, and more. Since purchasing the Hagar, Captain Hackney has continued Hagar’s public profile – offering her out for captained day charters, weddings, and sailing instruction.

Mantaining such a vessel has been a labor of love for Roy. Recently, Roy replaced the Volvo diesel – sourcing a replacement motor from Canada and performing the replacement work himself. Hagar has had her share of local weather – including a lightning strike which claimed a fair portion of her lights and wiring and collisions with loose vessels during hurricanes. Contrary to wooden boat stereotypes, the Hagar has a dry bilge and is extremely watertight.

Roy’s greatest challenge is keeping up with haul-out and land storage costs for periodic maintenance. He has found that these costs are much lower in Pensacola, than in the local area – which nessecitates a long cruise anytime a haul-out is required.
Usually moored in front of the Fort Walton Landing, Hagar provides a classic adornment to the parks water backdrop. We wish Capt Hackney the best of luck in keeping the Hagar a working part of the Fort Walton Beach waterfront.
Captain Roy Hackney can be contacted at 850.244.1113 or 850.217.2248 for information on chartering the Hagar.


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  1. That is a really wonderfull yacht! The rather large portholes make her stand out and alos seem to make the yacht very brihgt inside comapered to many other classic yachts!


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